1.  Professor  ARTHUR YAU, Orthopaedic Surgeon and a former President of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA).

2.  Prof YAU  runs CANOSSAHospital in Hong Kong. See  www.canossahospital.org.hk

Prof. YAU  also comes to Singapore now and then and sees patients at MountElisabethHospital.



1.  Dr MUHAMMED AZMAN, Medical Director,  Pertubuhan Keselamatan Social (PERKESO), Government agency under Dept. of Human Resources, Malaysia.

DBC Malaysia has a signed a provider agreement with PERKESO/SOCSO to implement a national “Return To Work Program”.


2.  Dato Dr. K.S.SIVANANTHAN, Orthopaedic Surgeon and former President of APOA.

Dr SIVA is based at FATIMAHHospital, Ipoh. Dr Siva’s DBC Centre is part of the provider agreement with the Malaysia Government (PERKESO/SOCSO) .



1.  Dr  YU CHUNG SING,  Orthopaedic Consultant and former Head of Ortho.Dept at

TANTOCKSENGHospital (TTSH). Dr Yu was instrumental in the setting up of the first clinic at TTSH.


2.  Dr WILLIAM CHAN, Head of Rehabilitation Medicine Dept. TTSH. Dr Chan was also part of the team of doctors at TTSH.


3.  Dr TAN SEAN BENG, Orthopaedic spine surgeon, Head of Orthopaedic Dept Singapore General Hospital.

4.  Dr A.K. MITRA, Orthopaedic Consultant SGH.

5.  Dr PESI B. CHACHA, Orthopaedic Consultant, Mount Elisabeth Medical Centre

6.  Dr DARUWALLA,  Orthopaedic Consultant, Mount Elisabeth Medical Centre

7.  Dr EDDIE  W.C. CHANG, Orthopaedic Consultant, Gleneagles Medical Centre

8.  Dr FRANCIS YH WONG, Orthopaedic Consultant, Gleneagles Medical Centre



1.  Dr KAMONTIP HARNPHADUNGKIT, Ass. Professor, Department of Rehabilitation  Medicine, Faculty of MedicineSirirajHospital, Bangkok


2.  Dr VISAL KANTARATANALKUL, Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant, MAHIDOLUNIVERSITY and  RamathibodiHospital


3.  Dr   PAISAL CHANTARAPITA, Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Medical Director of  Bangkok General Hospital Group


4.  Dr KAROON MEKANONTCHAI, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Medical Director, BumrungradHospital, Bangkok.

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