3_Feeling_screen250Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee pains are common problems in the whole world. Statistically, up to 80% of all individuals will suffer from back and neck pain some time in life, 50% of first time sufferers will experience recurrent pain within two years and about 20% prevalence in the general population essay against gun control over 30 years.

DBC is a medical protocol company based in Finland. Founded in 1991, DBC develops and offers musculoskeletal therapy, helping curb the rising disability costs in European and other countries. All treatments are developed through validated scientific research with testing in fully documented clinical practice.

DBC is currently available in 22 countries in 130 medical facilities, treating more than 60,000 patients today. The results are consistent with reliable and sustainable outcomes.

World-wide results from each of its 130 DBC Centres are aggregated into centralized database and analyzed biannually to ensure network quality assurance.


Results are impressive. In the functional restoration programs,write papers for money exercises are performed on FDA and CE Marking approved medical rehabilitation devises directly aimed on the specific ailing musculoskeletal system. Patient pain and disability diminishes while function is improved and controlled using a cognitive-behavioural approach. DBC studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals demonstrate that 83% back patients (out of 30,000 patients), experienced pain relieve whereas, 75% improved mobility and increased strength. (Ref: SPINE 24:1034-1042; 1999)

DBC Spine Research

They generate a success benchmark while offering individualized DBC physician reports for referring doctors showing their patienta��s outcome record with DBC. – www.dbc.fi


Klinik DBC active spine rehab:
www.dbcindo.com A� www.dbc.fi

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