Marko Virtanen, 
physiotherapist OMT




Orthopedic Manual Therapy specialization studies

Sports physiotherapy

Podiatric physiotherapy and functional insoles

Acupuncture as a pain treatment
 All musculoskeletal problems with emphasis on spine and shoulder disorders. Also doing sports physiotherapy, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation and lower limb problems (hip, knee and ankle) and evaluation of insole needs. Differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems for referring doctors.
I’ve been working in public health care for couple of years. After that, I turned to private sector physiotherapy and I have worked for DBC since 2008. In sports physiotherapy, I had an excellent opportunity to be involved with Espoo Oilers (floorball) in 2008/09. I am also lecturing in one polytechnic physiotherapy  college in Finland (sports taping and physiotherapy). International trainer for DBC International since 2012.


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